Longleaf Services
Client Publishers:

Our current client publishers include:

Cornell University Press
University of Georgia Press
Louisiana State University Press
University of Nebraska Press
University of North Carolina Press
Rutgers University Press
Syracuse University Press
Truman State University Press
University of Virginia Press
University of the West Indies Press
University of Calgary Press (U.S. marketing and distribution)
Cork University Press (U.S. marketing and distribution)

For further information on our services, please contact:

Robbie Dircks, President
(919) 962-1400
e-mail: dircks@email.unc.edu

Clay Farr, Executive Director
(919) 962-0540
e-mail: clay.farr@longleafservices.org

B. J. Smith, Operations Manager
(919) 962-1230
e-mail: bj.smith@longleafservices.org

Lisa Stallings, EDP Manager
(919) 962-0544
e-mail: lisa.stallings@longleafservices.org